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Bulk Water Permit

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Hydrant Use (Bulk Water) Permit

Hydrant (Bulk Water) Permit

The Hydrant Permit (Bulk Water) is used for purchasing water on a daily basis. The most common use of this permit allows contractors and water haulers to quickly fill a tanker truck or trailer for transport to the construction site or point of use. The daily permit allows you to purchase an initial 6,000 gallons of water for $50.00. Each additional unit (1,000 gallons) can also be purchased under this permit for $10.00 per unit. The permit is only valid for one day and during HCSA business hours only. Payment received by HCSA closes the daily permit and any additional water will require an additional permit.

HCSA has a designated hydrant located our Operations complex on Houghton Avenue. The hydrant is accessible to tractor-trailers and is equipped with a meter to conveniently display the quantity.

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