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Service Application Forms

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Areas Served By the Authority

The Halifax County Service Authority (HCSA) provides drinking water and sanitary sewer services to the Town of South Boston, Town of Halifax, the community of Clover and the VIRginia International Raceway (VIR).

What Services Are Available?
Both water and sewer services are available in our service areas. There are isolated areas where only one (1) service is available; either water or sewer. Existing customers can look at thier HCSA billing statement to see what services you are currently billed for. You may also notice that we collect for other services provided by the Town(s) or the County such as refuse collection.

How Do I Know If Services Are Available to My Property?
In most instances, you will notice a round or rectangular box near your propery line that is flush with your lawn. This box contains your water service setter and water meter. Water meters are read automatically by radio frequency and/or read manually. Both types meters have a covenient dial
or register so that you may see how much water has been used or consumed. The water meter keeps a running total and we read the meter on a monthly or bi-monthly read cycle. We simply subtract the previous reading from your present reading to determine how much water has passed through the meter.

Sewer service is more difficult to determine unless you (or the previous property owner) installed a sanitary clean-out
that is visible (protrudes slightly above the ground) and is usually white in color.

How Do I Apply For Service?
There are several forms that may be used to apply for water and/or sewer services. Each form serves a particular purpose and circumstance or condition.  Depending on your circumstances, you may need to complete several forms.

In most circumstances, you (the applicant) are only activating or changing the responsible party on an existing metered account. For this situation you will only need to fill out a Water and Sewer Service Application Form.
This form should be filled out completely and a security deposit as well as a new account fee will need to accompany the form when submitted to our business office in Halifax.

New construction and/or the physical installation of new services will require several forms. The first form is a Water & Sewer Availability Form
. This form is filled out by you or your contractor. There is no fee for this application. Once the form is submitted, HCSA staff will make a determination as to the availabity of services to your property. In most cases, HCSA staff will direct your contractor as to the most suitable location for the services to be installed.

New connections to our system are subject to a Facility Access Fee. Facility Access Fees are simply a calculated value based on your water and sewer connection size and is used to accomodate the service impact on the utility system. Facility acess fees and new account fees will be assessed according to HCSA's Fee and Rate Schedule.
New connections will require the submission of several applications:

Water & Sewer Availability Form

Water and Sewer Service Application Form

Landlord - Tenant Authorization Form

The Halifax County Service Authority is an Equal Opportunity Provider.  
Complaints of discrimination should be sent to:
USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Washington, D. C.  20250-9410

Water Service Application
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